Your MindfulMentor offers in-school workshops during school hours for children as well as teacher training for Primary school teachers on the basics of how to bring mindfulness into the classroom. 

These workshops focus on basic breathwork techniques, meditation, yoga and how teachers can become an emotional mindful coach in the classroom. 

In a school setting yoga & mindfulness can benefit teachers by:

  • Understanding your own emotions better 
  • Giving an alternate way to handle challenges in the classroom
  • Giving a healthy activity to integrate with lesson plans
  • Give a way to blend exercise into their classes
  • Communicate more effectively 
  • Create a positive learning environment 
  • Strengthen our relationship with children in the classroom 
  • Helps us slow down when we need to 
  • Build a community 

Benefits for the children in the classroom: 

  • Positive effects on mental health and well-being 
  • Improve attention and reduce stress
  • Increase one’s ability to regulate emotions, feel compassion and empathy 
  • Effective psychotherapy treatments for children with aggression, ADHD or mental health problems such as anxiety 
  • Helps children learn to self regulate
  • Be more optimistic and speak the language of abundance  
  • Improve planning and organisational skills