This is a workshop which focuses specifically on sessions for children between the ages of 6-8

Focus of workshop: 

  • What is yoga and meditation? 
  • Who am I (understanding they are more than just a body)?
  • Focus on the physical body and perception of themselves
  • Confidence 
  • Physical acceptance of our bodies with the use of affirmations 
  • How to manage negative thoughts & have the power to change them to positive thinking
  • How to visualise your goals and achieve them with a positive mind (law of attraction) 
  • Understanding emotions (how to manage them in a safe way and how they affect our body) 
  • Understanding chakra energies and how to use this to positively influence your life
  • The importance of kindness and self-love
  • Teaching kids various self healing techniques. Understanding that our bodies live off energy and how can we use this energy to help the body