Jess worked with my daughter, Jordan for 2 years. We are glad she came into our lives:) She was all round amazing!! Jess, was always reliable, helpful, caring, firm but loving and went over and beyond our expectations. My daughter repeated Grade 2, with the help of Jess Jordan was able to cope with such confidence in Grade 3. Thank you Jess for being you. We love and miss you!!

Bianca Naidoo (Jordan's mum)

Jessica Simpson was the grade 2 class teacher to my son, Yash Sooful. This was at Reddam House Waterfall, a private school in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was for the period January to December 2019. It was a period when my family was experiencing a crisis of profound proportions. This impacted on all family members, including my son, in every sphere of life. I cannot explain sufficiently in words the influence Jessica had on my son, and all members of our family. She helped him, and us, through what will probably the biggest crisis of this lifetime for our family. Her kind, caring and compassionate nature will make a world of difference in anyone’s life, more especially to children of school going age. Jessica is such a genuine person, in every respect. She always did her utmost best for the children – in body, mind and soul. The mindfulness exercises she taught them to perform every morning was a refreshing start to the day. In fact we, as parents, also learnt many yoga practices from Jessica and the pupils. It can certainly have a profound effect on an individual, irrespective of age. Jessica taught it in such a patient, constructive and loving manner that my son, who previously rejected the idea of yoga from his parents, became a huge fan. Due to her gentle methods, any person will thrive on the benefits. My son who is a type A personality, became so much more relaxed. This mindset had a ripple effect on all aspects of his life. His confidence grew in leaps and bounds in a very short space of time. The support he, and our family received from Jessica made all the difference. By the end of the year we were so profoundly grateful to Jessica to perfect level of functionality she enabled Yash to achieve. The impact she made on Yash, and our entire family’s life is one that we certainly will always be grateful for, and we definitely will never forget. She is someone we will hold close to our hearts, wherever in the world she may be.

Jessica was treasured, and experienced, member of the Reddam school staff for many years. She is highly qualified academically, with specialisation in educational psychology. She did a formal yoga course in 2018, as well. She was much loved by everyone that knew her – staff, parents and most of all, students. Jessica always has a smile on her face. She has a radiance that will light up anyone’s day. Just knowing that she is around, gives a warm sense of reassurance.

I have no doubt that she will be a success in any endeavour she undertakes. She is an excellent yoga teacher. Any child will love her immediately. Jessica is the most beautiful teacher a child can have – inside and out.

Dr Shivani Maharaj, (Yash’s Mum)

If we had one school wish, it would be to have you back to do the yoga and mindfulness with the kids again this year.  Riya misses it and as they get older and the workload increases, the peace and quiet time of the mindfulness becomes increasingly important.  The kids in Geneva are lucky to have you and are in for a treat.

Kamini Kassen, (Riya's mum)

Jess was my son’s Grade 2 teacher at Reddam Waterfall. From the moment I met Jess I knew that she was the right person to teach him. She is focused, grounded and passionate and instilled these virtues in my son throughout his year, by introducing him to alternative teaching methods such as yoga and self reflection and helping him grow as a person. Jess is an incredible teacher. If only we could have more like her.

Nicky Ross, (Reagan's mum)

I will always be grateful for the work you have done with Bhambatha! He continues to excel in school; and most importantly his confidence levels have vastly improved since he has been in your class. You have touched us as a family in so many ways; and what stands out for myself and Bhambatha’s dad is how calm Bhambatha continues to be since you introduced the “Mindful Coaching Workshops” to your teachings. As you know, Bhambatha is a very sensitive little boy but he is now able to deal with his emotions and let the small things go. He has acquired very useful skills that are not only beneficial to him but to us all as a family.

Tumelo Nxumalo, (Bhambatha's mum)

Words of great gratitude! Ella is a twin & arrived in grade two with a little bit of anxiety, grade one was a big adjustment for her, she felt there was so much to do and she just had to do it perfectly. Her Wonderful grade one teacher told me she would have the most perfect grade 2 teacher and I now understand why. Grade 2 turned out to be such a blissful year for Ella with you,  she just flourished.

The biggest impact was your mindfulness lessons you did with the class. Ella became so much calmer and developed coping mechanisms, she is a great ballet dancer and I still clearly remember her coming into my room one morning saying she was a bit nervous about performing in front of the school at assembly so she was going to do some breathing exercises she had learnt in class, afterwards she felt much better and ready to perform, this says it all.

In grade 3, I wanted to make sure Ella held onto this life approach. So we now do yoga once a week, and once a month there is an hour meditation which she manages with ease at 8 years old. It has become a treasured time for her and also some alone bonding time for Ella and I, and obviously there has also been a positive impact on me with all the modern day stresses we face.

Thank you so much!

Kerry Ann Schmidt, (Ella's mum)

Jessica a suivi Victor en grade 1 et 2 et lui a permis de progressé et combler ses lacunes en anglais.

Grâce à elle anglais et yoga pratique, il a pris de l’assurance en lecture et écriture et est beaucoup moins timide. Elle l’a toujours encourage et motive.

Il passe maintenant en grade 3 avec les félicitations de ses professeurs. Merci Jessica!!!

Constance Delloye Pax, (Victor’s Mum)